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Turtle Creek Conservancy

Expedition: Turtle Creek Conservancy


Since 1892, Turtle Creek Park has experienced many historical changes. From it’s early beginnings as Oak Lawn Park, through it’s renaming of Lee Park in 1936 and the inclusion of Arlington Hall in 1939, this Dallas treasure has been a staple in the city. However, with recent removal of the Robert E. Lee statue and subsequently the “Lee Park” moniker, the former Oak Lawn Park was ready for yet another important change; to Turtle Creek Park. With the name change, and the controversy and excitement around it, the Conservancy that has maintained and improved the park since 1995 needed a refresh and rebrand as well.



When a park has such a deep history, emotions can run high when any changes happen, so being able to communicate the Conservancy’s message to a base that may be divided, but all share the same goals of preservation, was imperative. First and foremost the Conservancy was formed to protect and nurture the park so generations to come can enjoy its beauty.  Our first step was to discover and solidify their Brand Truth.



Through our Brand Truth process, we identified the Conservancy as a Caregiver brand, focusing on the Guardian and Healer sub-archetypes that gave us the chance to not only show what their protective mission is, but to also heal public perception as the park and conservancy transition to Turtle Creek. Our approach was to introduce a new brand, with the new name. An updated logo, color palette and manifesto that better aligned with their Brand Truth was necessary to attract the next generation of members and donors that will keep Turtle Creek Park and Arlington Hall one of Dallas’ treasured greenspaces.  



The new brand has been applied to all communications, both digital and print and the fresh palette, imagery and messages have already been noticed on site and through the community through Conservancy events such as Easter at the Park and the annual Derby Day at the Races.

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