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Why GoDo

Why GoDo?

Every brand is on a journey to find their truth. The thing that defines who they are and why they’re here. We launched GoDo Discovery Co. to help brands navigate that journey because we know when a brand finds their truth, they also find their authenticity. At a time in history when even objective facts are being questioned, what could be more important to consumers?


In 2006, we founded greenlight as a response to an industry that had lost its way. Far too many advertising agencies had become mindless machines more concerned with what they could charge than what they could deliver. So, we went the other way with a promise: to help move brands forward. And deliver measurable creative solutions along the way. Ten years later, we launched HOWDO, a collaborative meeting space for people and companies to workshop ideas that could inspire, engage, and propel. It was the physical manifestation of our mission.


Then we discovered our own brand truth: greenlight and HOWDO aren’t separate entities. They’re two parts of the same collective. One we now call GoDo Discovery Co. Part ad agency, part think space, GoDo Discovery Co. helps brands find their truth and then activate that truth across an ever-changing landscape of diverse channels and experiences.


There’s a great big world of opportunity out there so when you’re ready to explore the possibilities give us a call, and let’s GoDo it.

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