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Expedition: La Quinta Returns®


In early 2016, the La Quinta Returns program was in the process of adding new benefits and new ways to earn and redeem points, giving its members more value than ever before. But not only had it been 10 years since La Quinta updated the look of the program, they had also spent that decade speaking to its members in an all too familiar, monotonous tone.



New perks, more ways to earn points, even more value? This was more than an update; this was an opportunity! The way we saw it, La Quinta could not only change the way they communicated the program, they could also increase their engagement. Not to mention revenue.



We began with a new positioning based on the Everyman archetype. More approachable, more accessible, more authentic. This positioning was expressed in a manifesto that brought to life a new voice filled with humor and optimism. Then we overhauled every aspect of the program from the logo to e-mail and direct mail communications to collateral that even included on-property pieces. And then, in an industry first, we launched a social media video campaign. “On The Road With Dave” was an unscripted series featuring La Quinta’s VP of Loyalty who traveled to various locations to speak with staff, guests, and partners about the benefits of the program. All while providing helpful travel tips for every place he stopped.



Members responded enthusiastically through social media channels applauding the new credentials and even pointing out the playful message on the sticky glue of the mailer, “Go ahead, you know you want to play with it.” More importantly, engagement through Point Earning & Burning increased by more than 11% and the program was recognized by U.S. News and World Report on their annual Best Travel Rewards Program survey.

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