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Cafe Momentum

Expedition: Cafe Momentum



Cafe Momentum is a non-profit restaurant and professional training facility that helps transform the lives of men and women coming out of juvenile institutions. While Momentum finds support from their patrons, they are also sustained through generous donations. But, like most non-profits, it’s never enough. As a good neighbor and staunch supporter of the Dallas community, we wanted to help.



Typically, sensitive subjects are handled with kid gloves. But we found that softening the subject also softened its impact. So, we encouraged Cafe Momentum to speak frankly about their mission. After all, these were real people facing real challenges every day of their lives. Stories like that don’t need to be dramatized; they just need to be told. Truthfully.



Utilizing real photographs, real stories, and real words from owner Chad Houser, his staff, and his students – written in their own writing – we created collateral with messaging that was both honest and stark. And that’s what made it so compelling and engaging.



Cafe Momentum recently enjoyed their greatest fundraising year to date. Plus, they’ve been able to expand their influence beyond the walls of their restaurant, and even beyond Dallas. We hope they continue to inspire communities across the U.S. as much as they’ve inspired us to help them achieve their mission.


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