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Expedition: Spence Diamonds


Spence has been in the diamond business for over 40 years and it’s been over 10 years since Spence last updated their branding. Since then, consumer behavior has changed and brand trends have shifted towards digital, customization and social responsibility. Competition is fierce when it comes to diamond stores and Spence needed to find a way to differentiate their brand and disrupt the diamond retail industry – all while remaining relevant to their desired target customer.


The Spence Diamonds customer today is unique – they see marriage as one of several choices they have to show commitment. They value status, style & personalization, seek unique in-store experiences from socially responsible brands and while they respect tradition, they like to put their own spin on things. They are highly receptive to education and spend time researching in order to find or design the perfect ring.


We identified Spence’s archetype as the Creator Disruptor. Visionaries and artists, the Creator wants to put their personal touch on everything they create in order to bring meaning and enduring value to all aspects of their lives. Disruptors bring an unorthodox perspective that challenges the norm but also turns dreams into reality.

We refreshed the brand entirely starting with a manifesto that brought the Creator Disruptor to life and updated the visual identity with a more modern logo, new fonts, colors and tagline: Created by Spence. We knew in order to stand out we’d need to look different than every other diamond company today so we produced all new photography and video content featuring bold, over-the-top studio scenes as well as “moment” photography that captured those everyday moments couples experience in their relationships. All of the work ladders up to our brand tone of imaginative, transparent, unexpected and confident.


The campaign is currently launching in a phased approach over the next month so we don’t have any results yet. But the new branding has been rolled-out internally – reigniting the passion of Spence employees in both Canada and the U.S.

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