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Texas Wildflower Vodka

Expedition: Texas Wildflower Vodka


Brewster’s Libations, a Dallas-based spirits company, wanted to produce a vodka that would appeal to Texans. They just had one problem: They needed a brand that was powerful enough to break through a market that was already oversaturated with spirits.



While diving deep into our research we encountered an intriguing anomaly: Texas women were seriously into vodka. Especially flavored vodka. If we could create a brand specifically tailored to Texas women, we could drive trial at both bars and retail outlets and really make a name for Texas Wildflower Vodka.



Using the Explorer archetype as our guide, we developed the Texas Wildflower brand to appeal directly to the free spirited Texas woman. Through carefully crafted messaging we brought the voice of Wildflower to life, then used social media and influencer marketing to spread the word. We even carried the voice over to bottle design because we know that shelf appeal is a major driver in this category.



Brewster’s has not only sold through their first run of vodkas – two flavored and one clear – but their second run is being produced ahead of schedule in order to meet demand. Plus, awareness for Texas Wildflower is so strong it’s even attracted local media attention.

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