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Inwood Village

Expedition: Inwood Village


Since 1949, Inwood Village has been a staple shopping center for the surrounding neighborhoods. With so many shopping destinations in Dallas, Inwood Village needed to better distinguish themselves and target the audiences that yielded the greatest opportunity.



Inwood Village is an Everyman brand; home to stores that provide convenience, comfort and familiarity. It’s not a place you spend the day, rather a place you can rely on for the things you need multiple times a day. Inwood Village is essentially a really awesome neighbor.

Shifting our tone and targeting based on this insight, Inwood Village is now putting their paid media dollars to work towards an audience living within a three-mile radius of the center. With a shopping center as diverse as Inwood Village, these shoppers (our neighbors) don’t need to travel far to find what they’re looking for.


We launched a new campaign for the center with the tagline “Your Friendly Neighborhood Everything”. We implemented influencer strategies, geo-targeted campaigns and partnered with local magazines to deliver zip code-targeted belly bands to our neighbors. Copy was written specifically for the new target with lines like “down the block” and “right around the corner”. The brand shifted from traditional retail time periods (Valentines Day, Back To School, etc) towards a time period that better reflected their value proposition (and not to mention, a lot less competitive clutter). The campaign culminated with National Good Neighbor Day, a nationally recognized day in September. Inwood Village lead the initiative by encouraging people in the surrounding neighborhoods to nominate their good neighbors and win prizes from Inwood Village stores and restaurants.


Traffic to the shopping center continues to increase with each flight and Inwood Village was recognized as a top-shopping “neighborhood destination” in 2018 by local Dallas publications. The programmatic ads consistently perform above average and exceed expectations every month. Through our neighbor-specific activations we have seen a change in the way tenants and shoppers refer to the center. Inwood Village has transformed into an anchor for the neighborhood.