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How to GoDo

How to GoDo

GoDo Discovery Co. is a creative collective designed to find and activate a brand’s truth. Our clients rely on our expertise in brand strategy, archetyping, advertising and experiences to create results for their business.

For some brands we’re a hired-gun, brought in to unravel creative dilemmas using custom solutions, and to others we’re their creative AOR. Below you can learn more about the solutions we offer brands and clients.


Sometimes you just get stuck. It happens to every brand. And when it does we’ve found that the best thing to do is pause, collect your thoughts, then carve out some time to gain clarity and consensus. We call this time a GoDo Session. And we highly recommend doing one to help you get your bearings.


During a GoDo Session, we bring proven brainstorming and planning techniques to the table. Not only does a GoDo Session generate big ideas that yield big results, they also provide stakeholders a sense of ownership in the vision we set out for your brand.


Held at our HOWDO space, GoDo Sessions are customized to your specific brand, and your specific challenges. Common goals are:


  • Understanding who your brand really is through Archetyping.

  • Creating strategies and actionable plans that get you where you want to go.

  • Helping you discover and maintain your Brand Voice so you know what to say and how to say it.

The most common output from a GoDo Session is your brand’s truth. Download an example of the GoDoDiscovery Co. Brand Truth here.

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Discovering the truth about your brand begins with understanding universal truths about people. Truths that can inform your strategy, your voice, and even what you really stand for. Introduced by Plato in the 400s BC and refined by Carl Jung in the early 20th century, the 12 Archetypes describe the fundamental characteristics of human personas. Through our GoDo Sessions, you’ll not only come to recognize all 12, but also you’ll be able to identify the challenges and opportunities each one poses for your brand.


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Discovery requires digging. Getting your hands dirty. Understanding what your brand is all about by experiencing it ourselves. For a specific time period, we’ll assemble a team of strategists and creatives who will leave their offices and office hours behind so they can truly explore your brand where it lives and breathes. To learn the landscape, uncover its challenges, and unearth the insights and opportunities that can only be found through real world experience.


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